B2C (e-commerce) Marketing

Marketing starts with findability. If customers can’t see you online, you might as well not exist. Findability starts with knowledge of the market – where your customers are, and what their concerns and needs are. On paper, it’s very simple: You increase your findability through smart content marketing until you’re omnipresent in the marketplace, and then you concentrate on maintaining and servicing existing customer relationships while continuing to market to potential new clients.

In practice, it’s a bit more complex than that! We’re experts in the field. We know how to analyze your business with your help and particular insight, then form that data into a plan. We know where to find your customers and how to engage them, how to raise your brand’s findability and start a buzz.

We don’t simply recycle existing campaigns, search and replace names and images, and try to make a quick sale. We want partners and long-term relationships. We want to be an instrumental part of your success story, from the moment you decided to ‘go for it’ to the moment you sit on top of your market, omnipresent and the gold standard in your field.

Your customers are all different people, different businesses, different purchasing agents and different departments. But they’re linked by one common element: They need what you do. Let us help you make that connection, and create an image and presence that will not only make your image and marketing as impressive as your business, but increase your sales as well.