Short Term Campaign

A short-term campaign will punch up your findability or highlight a specific announcement, new product, or other feature, we know exactly how to go about that, using the most advanced techniques and newest ideas in the following channels:

  • Pay Per Click (PPC)

    Pay Per Click

    We’ll help you determine a budget, target the right keywords (including long-tail and ‘outside the box’ keywords your competitors are missing), and craft the perfect ad that will catch the eye and, most importantly, get those clicks!
  • Adwords

    Our team of experts will help you create an ad that catches the eye and craws the mouse arrow, determine the keywords to target, and will assist with analytics and tracking so you’ll always know how your campaign is performing – because in a short-term campaign you can’t afford to wait for results.
  • Facebook Ads

    Facebook Ads

    Facebook remains the hub around which people’s online lives revolve. We know how to run a Facebook campaign, from determining the ideal budget to targeting the connections that will yield the most impact for you.
  • Landing Page Optimization

    Landing Page Optimization

    What most other so-called ‘Internet Marketing’ companies miss is that the best ad campaign ever created will fail if the landing page it directs people to isn’t optimal. We’ll help you ensure that once you get that click, the page people land on converts them – fast.

We know that every business is different – different products and services, different markets, budgets, and goals. We don’t have some online marketing template that we force onto every client. We create every marketing campaign from scratch, designed specifically for each client.

Not convinced?

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