Long Term Campaign

A Long Term Project is the key to making your brand the brand in your market. The goal is not just to temporarily get your name ‘out there’ but to establish your brand as the omnipresent standard in your market.

This is accomplished through a carefully plotted combination of proven tools that increase findability on a more permanent basis:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Search Engine Optimization

    Even when you’re starting from a very low level of findability, not every SEO strategy will be effective – you need a bespoke plan. It takes a deeper understanding of the web and the search algorithms that rule it to achieve an omnipresent impact that doesn’t fade away. We’ll hand craft a strategy that’s designed to keep your brand in the top results on an ongoing basis, not just during a spike.
  • Content Marketing

    Content Marketing

    Content is how you transform your web presence from a glorified business card into a traffic-generating asset that not only continuously brings in new potential customers, but transforms your brand into an omnipresent part of the market itself. We assist you with content generation, distribution, and promotion of high-quality content to burnish your Thought Leader credentials while linking your brand with the market.
  • Following a Marketing Strategy


    None of this is done in a vacuum. We’ll create a specific marketing strategy that takes the threads of content, search engine results, and good old-fashioned outreach that builds a strong platform to support your increased findability. It’s a roadmap to making your brand and site omnipresent, and we’re your navigators.

We’ve worked on successful long-term projects with many clients – you can find just a few of the success stories we’re proud to be a part of here , like the Ra’anana Perlman Insurance Agency, Moonlight Photography Marketing, and Azoulay Accountants.