Aarale Ben Arie

Aarale Ben Arie

Worldwide Exposure

The Challenge:

Artist Aarale Ben Arie wished to increase his worldwide recognition in order to raise his profile beyond his native Israel in order to gain a wider audience for his work. As an artist his site did not exist within a recognizable ‘silo’ of keywords for e-commerce, making boosting his findability more challenging than it might have otherwise been.

The Solution:

Taking inspiration from the artist himself, we performed a creative analysis of his existing web traffic and search results in order to identify ‘outside the box’ keywords that would capture the web traffic that matched up well with Ben Arie’s sensibility and style. Using this data we crafted a strong and creative SEO campaign that captured global web traffic.

The Result:

Through careful keyword selection and campaign management, we have successfully increased Ben Arie’s presence on the global art scene and increased his site’s findability through Google and other web searches, contributing to his overall recognition and increased profile across the web. This has resulted in renewed appreciation for his work and a new wave of fans who recognize his artistry and seek out his work.