Establish Unknown Website

The Challenge:

Take a newly-launched website run by a single person with a dream, lacking any sort of existing online or real-world profile, and make it visible to potential customers, starting from scratch. Link the site to a list of competitive keywords in order to debut the site in customer consciousness.

The Solution:

We met with the client to discuss their unique concept and to determine what sets their site apart from similar concepts. We found there was little direct competition as the idea was an original one, so the challenge became positioning the site as a solution that few people had thought to search for. We used analysis of traffic and search results to create bespoke SEO and Adwords campaigns.

The Result:

Our efforts have established ADHD Shop as a leading result in key searches involving chosen keywords, and in Adwords campaigns that have a high click-through. The result of these twin efforts have made the site more recognizable to a wider audience than would have been possible without our efforts and expertise.