Bible Land Shop

Bible Land Shop

Increasing Profits Through Website Improvements

The Challenge:

Bible Land Shop is one of the oldest and most successful online bible-themed souvenir shops. Their experience and instincts told them they were not getting the most out of their website as it was. They needed to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their existing website in terms of its performance, conversion rates, and effectiveness as a piece of marketing, so they turned to us. We showed them how they could implement both changes and improvements to the site as well as an informed marketing campaign based on the analysis of their existing online presence.

The Solution:

We launched an in-depth analysis of all aspects of their website, from the design approach to the underlying code, the organization of links and information, their shopping cart and checkout processes, and existing traffic analytic information. We were able to present their marketing department with clear analysis and direction for strengthening their findability and traffic.

The Result:

Our recommendations were put into effect and both traffic and sales grew as a direct result. Both design adjustments and targeted marketing were implemented with the end result of greater engagement with the website: Longer visit durations and better performance of the conversion funnel, resulting in better quality of traffic and increased sales.