Birthright Israel

Google Analytics Case Study

The Challenge

Birthright Israel is an organization that seeks to promote a sense of Jewish identity and community among young people by providing trips to Israel. They wanted to raise their profile in Google search results, and need to be educated on how to utilize Google Analytics properly to be able to extrapolate necessary information that could be used to measure the success of their Adwords program and then make adjustments to several concurrent Adwords campaigns. They also needed a better understanding of how to leverage Google Analytics data to boost site recognition and traffic.

The Solution

We met with Birthright Israel several times in their office conference room and held initial educational sessions defining terms and explaining how to use Google Analytics, followed by sessions directly analyzing results and performance statistics and showing how they could be used to adjust the Adwords campaigns directly.

The Resul

Birthright Israel is now self-monitoring their Adwords campaigns and their own analytics data with an eye toward incremental improvements that have raised the effectiveness of click-throughs on their Adwords assets and the general traffic to the site. We remain as on-demand consultants for any questions they might have or assistance they might need.