Bishulim Culinary School

Bishulim Culinary School

Establishing a New Web Presence

The Challenge:

The Bishulim School is one of the leading culinary schools in Israel, riding a wave of new enthusiasm for the art of cooking that has seen many new culinary schools opened in that country in recent years. However, it was launching a new website and need to go from ‘zero to sixty’ on the web in terms of establishing the website as one of the leading sites for culinary schools and students or people interested in the culinary arts.

The Solution:

We studied the market, the competition, and the unique selling points of Bishulim School, including its leading ‘real world’ reputation. We devised an ongoing SEO campaign focusing on keywords revealed through meticulous research and analytics study, designed to strengthen the site’s reputation as a ‘destination’ site for Israel’s growing culinary community.

The Result:

Today, leads the stiff competition in this field in several crucial keywords, turning up as first result in several key searches and scoring very high in others. As a result its website’s impact matches its real world reputation.