Dana Shaked Interior Design

Dana Shaked Interior Design

Improving Website Performance

The Challenge:

Bringing the reputation and performance of the studio’s website up to the standard of the studio in the real world, which is prestigious and very successful. While Dana Shaked is recognized worldwide as a leading interior designer with a sterling reputation, her website was not doing as well in search results and other metrics as would be assumed considering her notoriety and success.

The Solution:

We analyzed her website traffic and the performance of competing sites in the same keyword categories. Using this data, we devised an ongoing SEO campaign designed to push the site in several keyword search results, raising public recognition of the site and connecting it with the well-known real-world work of the client.

The Result:

Interior design and real estate investment and renovation has been on the rise in Israel in recent years and Dana Shaked has become one of the leading designers in Israel and the world in general. As a result of our SEO campaign and analysis, the site has become the leading result in several specific keywords, leading to increased traffic and a dramatically raised profile.