Increasing Findability for Old School Website

The Challenge:

Despite being a global leader in professional lighting design and solutions, The Danor Group’s website was very old-school in design, limited in a technical sense, and was underperforming in search results. Although we would have preferred to see the site modernized and made more modern, re-design was not part of the project brief, so we were tasked with increasing the findability factor and gaining more exposure through search engine results for the site.

The Solution:

We analyzed the site’s current performance, taking into account its old design and lack of ‘bells and whistles.’ Using the analytics information we acquired, we identified keywords the site was already performing somewhat strongly in despite no effort being put into SEO, and created a campaign bootstrapping off the natural, organic keywords the site already had some traction in.

The Result:

We managed to increase the site’s findability and traffic by orders of magnitude, simply by concentrating an effectively designed SEO campaign on the keywords that the site naturally performed strongly in, despite its age and limitations. Today it is performing well in a broad range of searches.