Elman Clinics

Elman Clinics

Promoting Doctor’s Website

The Challenge:

Online site for Dr. Monica Elman faced stiff competition but needed to balance an aggressive marketing and SEO campaign with discretion. As a doctor she needed to avoid seeming to be ‘chasing’ patients while using SEO and other techniques to drive the site’s presence in the first page of search results for extremely competitive keywords. Keywords for cosmetic procedures are among the most competitive in the world.

The Solution:

We did a deep-dive research into the keywords in her field in order to select the keywords that not only drove traffic but represented the professional, competent, and compassionate image the doctor needed to project. Keywords that drove traffic but in a negatively way were rejected. Our selective approach resulted in a streamlined SEO campaign designed specifically for Dr. Elman.

The Result:

Using our streamlined and targeted approach we were able to capture precisely the traffic that Dr. Elman needed, increasing traffic and raising the findability of her site in exactly the demographics she wanted. Our concentrated efforts eschewed a wide net and returned the preferred results.