Music Zol

Music Zol

Promoting Online Music Shop for Higher Profits

The Challenge:

Music Zol is a small online music shop that stresses personal service over volume. We were tasked with promoting the site with the expressed goal of increasing profits for the business. Competition is very stiff, with several international websites as well as local competition. As a small shop resources were limited.

The Solution:

We worked with the client to determine appropriate keywords and studied the competition to glean insights. Stressing the unique selling points of the online shop, we devised a custom SEO campaign that was tightly focused to manage costs while seeking maximum impact, choosing only the keywords with the most potential for impact instead of a wider concept.

The Result:

Our SEO campaign was very successful, boosting not just the visibility and findability of the site, but increasing traffic significantly and increasing profits as well as the higher traffic translated to a much higher conversion rate. These trends are ongoing as the increased web presence in search engines continues to drive more motivated traffic to their site.