Novoxel Skin Rejuvenation Solutions

Novoxel Skin Rejuvenation Solutions

New Product Introduction

The Challenge:

Novoxel was introducing a new and previously unknown product into an incredibly competitive and challenging market. The needed us to help them position the new product and the supporting website strongly so that it gained visibility quickly, aiding their other marketing efforts. It was crucial that the product page show up in search results as the expectation was that potential customers would Google the product, prompted by other marketing.

The Solution:

We devised strong SEO campaigns across several languages (including English, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, and Japanese) in order to bolster a strong remarketing campaign designed to get the new product in front of a targeted audience that had already demonstrated interest in similar products.

The Result:

Novoxel had a very successful launch of their new product, with high visibility on search engines and high natural findability for the website supporting the new product. They were very quickly able to establish the product as a common result for targeted searches identified as linked to motivated customers who would be interested in their product.