Low Budget Start Up Launch

The Challenge:

Scodix was a new start-up with limited resources and a low marketing budget that had to be managed very, very carefully, with every move designed to have maximum return on investment. With no money to waste, Scodix needed expert guidance to help it devise a marketing and SEO campaign that spent every dollar very carefully.

The Solution:

Scodix hired us to consult with their own in-house marketing team. We assisted with analysis of competitor’s websites, SEO, and Adwords campaigns to teach them how to identify the strongest keywords for their campaigns and to help them design and implement their SEO and Adwords campaigns with an eye towards budget control for maximum impact.

The Result:

Scodix has quickly established their web presence and routinely appear alongside larger and more-established competitors in search results. This was achieved with minimal budget expenditure and zero waste. Their in-house marketing team retains us as consultants but has learned how to manage their own campaigns thanks our tutelage. As they grow they are gearing up for a second phase of marketing with a larger budget and more confidence.